Have you ever thought about starting your own online forum?

It seems like just about everyone these days has a blog. Most people want a place to share their thoughts with people publicly, but not necessarily verbally. A blog is a good place to start, it’s free and not a lot of work to set up or maintain. You just add your random thoughts and you can put it out there for the world to see.

What if you want more than that? What if you want to share your opinions but also want to get feedback from others? A blog can kind of do that, but it’s not what it’s meant to do. People can comment and you can respond, but it’s cumbersome. You can join a local community forum. Many communities have one or more, depending on the size of your city. But then you are just one voice among many voices and not directing it anywhere.

You can do what I did and start your own forum. I was a member of another forum for many years and finally decided I wanted to do something myself. I had experience being a member of a forum, but zero trying to actually run one. There were a lot of questions? What type of forum? What type of forum software to use? How to administrate it? How do I get people to join? How do I keep them there? Can I make money at it? What is my goal? All questions I had to figure out.

I knew I wanted a community forum where people in my city of Elk Grove could connect online and discuss a wide array of topics. Issues such as those affecting our city, national issues, sports, entertainment, home improvement, health, food etc. You can also do forums that are more specific such as products or hobbies. There are car forums and repair forums to name a couple. I’ve always been very opinionated so I knew I wanted a forum to express my opinions and also let others express theirs. I also wanted to have an impact on the community in a couple of ways. One, I wanted to help small businesses who can’t afford to pay a lot of money to advertise by giving them an online presence that they may not otherwise have. Secondly, I wanted to help promote issues that I feel are important to the city and the people living here. I felt there was a void in that area here in Elk Grove.

With the help of a friend who is a publisher I decided to write a book about my experiences starting my own online forum. There is also information that will help people even if they are not interested in starting their own forum, such as how to use social media to promote their business or causes.

Power Broker

Here is sample of what you can learn from my book:

• How to get authority, and why you must have it to succeed
• Why small forums are the best online opportunity since 2012
• Why small niche blogs are now almost guaranteed to fail
• The two social skills required for authority–and how to get them
• Killer strategies for growing your audience quickly
• How to identify problems that need to be solved
• Finding solutions people need with crowd sourcing
• 5 Essential Requirements for a successful online community
• How to start your community with just a few people you know
• Prosper without Google PR or top search results
• Top 7 Reasons online communities fail, and how to prevent them
• How to know the right size for a niche
• How to get great content for free
• Learn how to estimate how many members you need to succeed
• How to find discussion topics that people want to see
• How to keep followers and members coming back
• No-fail hot topics you can use with confidence
• How to get noticed by the press
• Why niche forums are now more profitable than ever
• The secret to getting advertisers coming back for more
• More ways to monetize your forum
• Easy guide to setting up your forum, written by the tech wiz who did it
• How to make your Facebook page liked
• Twitter strategies that elevate you to people that matter
• Why you shouldn’t use conventional Facebook strategies with a micro niche forum
• Successful contests online with prizes people love– that cost you nothing.
• Offline promotion strategies that get you noticed by the right people

My book is available on Amazon.com for $2.99. You can download it right onto your computer, Kindle, smart phone or tablet. Click on the link below for more information or to download your copy.

Power Broker: Dominate Social Media. Build Massive Authority. How To Start and Run A Profitable Online Micro Niche Forum

If you want see how our forum is run or you have any questions on how start a forum or use the information in my book, you can visit our website Elk Grove Laguna Forums

Doc Souza


About elkgrovelaguna

Long time resident of Elk Grove, CA, owner of Elk Grove Laguna Forums, an online community forum. Also author of the book. " Power Broker: Dominate Social Media | Build Massive Authority | How To Start and Run A Profitable Online Micro Niche Forum" available on Amazon.com
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