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Why is it that pit bulls are so controversial?

Originally posted on elkgrovelaguna:
Not sure why, but any discussion on our website that deals with pit bulls always ends up being one of the most heated topics. We currently have another discussion regarding pit bulls now, Pit Bulls and…

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Should the City of Elk Grove take over fire and parks from the CSD?

If not now, then when? At some we will need to have this discussion. In most cities services like parks, fire, and police are under one umbrella and that local body controls everything. Elk Grove is a fairly young city, … Continue reading

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The Kings Saga (updated 5/15/13)

When the Maloofs announced they were selling the Kings to Seattle, I said from the start that this was something personal against Sacramento. They felt somehow they were wronged by the city leaders and residents here because they didn’t get … Continue reading

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