This is 40 (movie review)

This is 40 stars Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. It’s a continuation of the movie Knocked Up. The movie is rated R. There is shower sex scene right off the bat and some simulated oral sex later in the movie. Also lots of profanity and crude language, references to sex. Definitely not a family movie even if you have kids in their late teens. Mostly for adults over 35 who can relate to situation.

We had heard a lot of good things about the movie and that it was really funny. The movie is about the couple turning 40. The wife is in denial and insists she is 38. That seemed like a funny premise for the movie. They have two daughters. The oldest an early teen and youngest about 7 or 8. The teen daughter is bitchy and fights with her sister a lot. A running gag through the movie is the older daughter is watching the series Lost, all 100+ episodes in a short time and its affecting her life and her parents want her to stay off her iPhone, iPad, computer etc.

The parents fight a lot and are going through a marital mid life crisis. The husband is kind of a jerk and has some funny moments but mostly comes across as a pig. The wife is kind of ditzy and seems like she is high or on meds. They each run their own small business, neither of which is very successful. She has a clothing store and he runs a small record label. Megan Fox plays an employee at the clothing store. The wife is clueless to their financial situation and the husband is lying to her about it. His father, played by Albert Brooks, is a moocher who lays a guilt trip on his son so he will give him money which makes the couple’s financial situation even worse. John Lithgow plays the wife’s father with whom she has had no relationship. Both of the dads have remarried and have young children.

The couple is going through marital troubles, financial troubles and everyone in the family is fighting and they are having a 40th birthday party for the husband which sets the stage for the ending.

The movie has lots of funny moments, but not enough to make it worth seeing at the theater in my opinion. At almost 2 hours and 15 minutes it has some slow times with little or no humor and a plot that has no direction. There is a lot of gratuitous profanity and the humor of hearing the F word over and over does get a little old. I’d give it 2 stars out of 5. It could have been much funnier if they played up the turning 40 angle more and less about couple’s financial issues.


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