When Something Is Not Funny

I was trying to figure out what to title this post but as I start writing it I am not sure what it should be.  So hopefully as I write this it will come to me.

Humor is something we all use to help us get through the day at some point. It can help us cope with tragedy, or other difficulties in our lives.  Laughter is good and that is ultimately a good thing.  I don’t know if it is the Internet or the sign of the times we are in, that people have a darker side to them now.  I read local news websites to find out what is going on around our area in addition to trying to interesting stories for our website, Elk Grove Laguna Forums.  Some of the comments on various stories can be funny and in some cases better than the stories.  But in cases involving a tragedy, there seems to be almost a sick side of people that comes out, and it can be disturbing.  For example yesterday a man was hit by a train in midtown Sacramento.  The story on the Sacramento Bee’s website said he was holding a bible and a beer and sat down on the railroad and essentially committed suicide.  It’s not a story that needs or requires any humor. There is nothing at all humorous about it.  Yet there were many comments from readers making light of the situation.  It’s one thing to think of anything humorous to say about it, but another to actually put it in writing and share with people.  I know we all have our dark moments and may have had similar responses to other tragedies involving people we don’t know, but it is disturbing to see so many of these comments on the various websites covering the news.  It’s not just the Bee, it’s all of them, local and national.  Whether it was mental illness, substance abuse or whatever, a person felt ending their life was a better alternative than living and there is nothing humorous about that.  It’s okay to think suicide is a selfish or cowardly act, and that it’s not fair to burden others with having to deal with that act, such as the train operator, emergency crews who have to clean it up or witnesses, but another to make jokes about it.  As I said I know most of us have may have made jokes about things in the past.  I know I have, but it’s one thing to think it or share with a friend and another to share it publicly with everyone.  Hopefully people will show a little more compassion in these types of events in the future.


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