Memorial Day

Hopefully at some point today Americans will take a moment to reflect on what this day really means. To many of us it is a holiday, a time for a BBQ, being with friends and family, returning from a long weekend. But the real meaning of today is honoring those who have fought to preserve our freedom. If you are reading this, then you have a freedom that some in many countries do not have. We have the freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom to assemble, freedom to do many things that not everyone else in the world has. Wherever you are today, take a moment to thank those who have fought and in many cases paid the ultimate price so that we may have the freedoms that we have.

Last week a member of our website, Elk Grove Laguna Forums, was talking about the inequities in our system where prisoners in many cases receive better amenities and care than members of our armed forces. She told us about some of the basic things that they are lacking. In honor of Memorial Day we decided to do what we can to make their lives a little bit better while they are so far from home. One of her co-workers has a son stationed in Afghanistan. Below is a list of things they need. If you are interested in donating any of these things, you can email me at and we can arrange for pickup. We hope to pick the supplies up and send them by early next week.

Support Our Troops

I got a note today regarding a coworker’s son, who is a US Marine stationed in Afghanistan. His father was asking for flea collars, flea bombs, powdered Hawaiian punch, etc. for care packages to his son’s unit. (They put the flea collars around their ankles – his son’s ankles and feet right now look like hamburger due to the fleas. The water is so bad they have to flavor it.) This young Marine has yet to complain and is proud to serve his country.

This is a wish list…..
Flea collars (bigger the better)
Can soups, chili, beans, hash
Hard candy (nothing that melts)
Hawaiian punch (they like the blue one)
Flavor powder for drinks
Flea bug bombs
Cliff bars
Beef sticks
US, People type magazines
Tooth brushes, toothpaste
Cheese whiz
Monetary donations to help with shipping


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