We need to support our schools

Usually spring time is one of the best times of year. The weather is warming up, kids are getting into spring sports, flowers are blooming, everything is green. But for the last few years one of the rites of spring has been pink slips for teachers and uncertainty for teachers and schools. As great of a job as most all teachers do, that eventually trickles down into the classroom. It has to be hard for anyone to do a job not knowing what the future holds. We all know this is something the districts have to do because they don’t know what their budget will be because our state leaders can’t get their act together. We also know many of the teachers will be back next year in some capacity, but there is still so much uncertainty. I’m sure some out there are thinking, “what about everyone else that has lost a job or faces layoffs including state workers?” Those are valid comments, but this involves our kids and the future of our country and the world. We can’t keep cutting back on our education of this generation. We need to move forwards not backwards. No one wants to hear the “T” word, “taxes”. No one wants to pay more taxes. So many are already having a hard time financially that they simply don’t want to pay more taxes. Plus there is skepticism that giving state leaders more money will not solve the problems we face when most people feel the government wastes too much money as it is.

We elect people to solve these problems, not pass the buck or do nothing. I think most people would be okay with some sort of tax increase that went directly to schools, not to administrators, more government programs or commissions staffed by former legislators making $100,000 a year to meet once a month. That’s what people are tired of. People want their money to go to the source. That’s why people have no problem contributing to local PTA’s and schools themselves. Most of us who have children pay more each year to the schools themselves than we would if taxes were increased. We get to see the direct benefit of our contributions.

Right now we need our elected leaders to do just that, lead us. We need to fix the problems with education funding and do what’s best for our future generations. If that means we need to pay more taxes, then that’s what we need to do. Just make sure any tax increase goes directly to the schools, and not create new government programs.

If you live in the Elk Grove or Sacramento area, here is how you can help. Contact your local representative and let them know you want more money for education. You want to vote on this issue and make your voice heard. Otherwise when your children return from summer vacation, there will be fewer teachers, larger class sizes, cutbacks in extracurricular activities including music, arts, sports, libraries.

Senate President Pro Tem
David Steinberg

State Senator Louis Wolk

State Senator Ted Gaines

Assembly member Joan Buchanan

Assembly member Alyson Huber

Assembly member Roger Dickinson

To make it easier to send an email to all at once, copy and paste the emails below into your email program.

If you are interesting in participating in a discussion on this topic, please join us on our website, Elk Grove Laguna Forums. You must be member to join in the discussion. Membership is free. The actual discussion is here Support our schools


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