Why Elk Grove needs a commuter rail stop

The Elk Grove community has the opportunity to become a stop on a proposed commuter rail service between Sacramento and Merced. The Altamont Commuter Express (ACE) is interested in establishing the route and would like to have a stop in Elk Grove. ACE currently has rail service between Stockton and San Jose. They have 3 trains leaving early each weekday morning that make 6 stops in between the two cities. It is $21 round trip and takes just over 2 hours. They have monthly and weekly and discounts as well.

Elk Grove has a substantial number of residents who commute to downtown Sacramento every day. According to the City of Elk Grove, there are as many as 24,000 state employees who live in Elk Grove. Highway 99 is backed up every morning. Many choose not to use light rail because the nearest station is in Meadowview, and it will be years before Elk Grove will have a light rail station due to the city not being proactive years ago with the light rail planning. The closest Elk Grove will get to a station in the near future is one at Cosumnes River College. Having another option for commuters to get to Sacramento will take more cars off the roadways, ease traffic and pollution.

The citizens of Elk Grove need to speak up and let the city council know this is needed in our community. Having a stop in the city will benefit the whole area. Ancillary businesses could open up near a station, such as restaurants and shopping. This could bring in more people into the city who are willing to spend their money here. ACE is interested in a stop here, all we need to do is let them know we are interested in having a stop here.

Please contact your Elk Grove City Council and let them know we need this.

Mayor Steven M. Detrick
Phone: (916) 683-7111
Email: sdetrick@elkgrovecity.org

Vice-Mayor James Cooper
Phone: (916) 683-7111
Email: jcooper@elkgrovecity.org

Council member Gary Davis
Phone: (916) 683-7111
Email: gdavis@elkgrovecity.org

Council member Patrick Hume
Phone: (916) 683-7111
Email: phume@elkgrovecity.org

Council member Sophia Scherman
Phone: (916) 718-9631
Email: sscherman@elkgrovecity.org

or copy and paste the emails below into your email program.


If you would like to participate in the discussion with other Elk Grove residents on this subject, please visit our website, Elk Grove Laguna Forums


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