Romantic tips for guys

Alright fellas I am going to do you guys a solid here and give you some tips, and it won’t even cost you anything!

Ladies, feel free to forward this on to your guy.

If you have kids, get them out of the house for the night so the next morning you have the house to yourselves. You’ll need to do a little prep work and you might need a few items or you can improvise.
What you will need:
A fire place
a portable bed or air mattress
a bottle of champagne and some orange juice to make a mimosa
some massage oil
a couple of robes

Get up a little earlier, get the fireplace going, and get the mattress near the fireplace. If you can, find a sheet to put over it. Put the massage oil near the fireplace so it gets warmed up.
Open the champagne and pour some in a champagne glass and add some OJ.
Get a couple of towels to have on hand
Now go put on your robe, give her a robe and tell her take off her clothes and meet you in the other room. When she comes in, give her a glass of mimosa. Share some quiet time and be romantic. Tell her how beautiful she is, how much you love her and what she means to you. Then ask if you can give her a massage. The oil will be nice and warm. Give her a full body massage. Take your time, work the back muscles. Then tell her it’s her turn to give you one. After she is done, get up and tell her you’ll be right back. Now go to the bathroom and start a bath, then come back and lay down next to her and talk and be romantic. Then ask her to go to take a bath with you.

After that you are on your own and if you need me to tell you what’s next then you’re in trouble! 😉

PS It’s not just for Valentine’s Day, but any day will work. You can thank me later. : )

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