Tips for iPhone and iPad users

Here is a tip on improving your battery life on your iPhone and iPad. You should turn it off once in awhile. It’s like a minicomputer and sometimes needs to be shut off so it resets. You can also do what they call a “hard reset”, which is holding the home and power button until the phone shuts off and the Apple logo appears. That is supposed to clear the caches. It’s also something to do as well if your phone freezes up, which happens on occasion. Sometimes safari may not work, or even the keyboard may not type the letters you are pressing. For the keyboard issue I have found just pressing the power button so it locks will take care of it and then go back to where you were typing. For Safari issues it’s usually necessary to shut the phone off completely so it restarts. Sometimes when you are in a bad cell area pages will not load and even when you get back to an area with a full signal it may not load properly.

For you new iPhone users, the push notifications suck the battery life much faster. Also leaving Wi-fi on all the time can do it too because it is searching for Wi-Fi networks. It also is a good idea to force shut down some apps, or they stay running in the background. To do that press the “home” button twice quickly, and the apps that are still running will show on the bottom of the home screen, while the rest of the home screen goes dark. To shut them off, press and hold one of the apps on the bottom until the whole bottom row is “jiggling”. Then press press the “-” in the top left corner of the app you want to close and that closes the app.

Any other tips you want to share? Let us know in comments below.

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