Our first post

Welcome to the first post for Elk Grove Laguna!  We will be periodically updating things and re-posting what has been happening on our website, http://www.elkgrove-laguna.net and in the Elk Grove/Laguna area.

It was a busy last week or so for the Elk Grove Police Department.  There was an officer involved shooting and then a video of an uncooperative person being tazed as well.  If you haven’t seen the video to that one here it is,


We had a pretty good discussion on that one. Check out the nice clean window sills and language in the video, very nice!

EGPD Justifiable Use of Force

We also did a question and answer session with Elk Grove City Councilman Gary Davis

And what a week be without another discussion on those darn lovable pit bulls? I think everyone should own 2 or 3. 😉

Tomorrow is the big day, Super Bowl! Let’s go Steelers!


Elk Grove News

Business News


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One Response to Our first post

  1. LC says:

    Doc, nice start on your blog.

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